FUN FACTS ABOUT THE SITH – THE VILLAINS AND THEIR VIRTUES. Fact 1: Believe it, there are things you may never want to know about the Sith. This is because knowing them scares you as well as embolden your feet to desire their exceptional gifts of wars, domination, and control of galactic domination. They are beautiful revengers who do not fear to stake their necks on the gallows in their quest for conquest. Fact 2: Contrary to what you are made to believe from the cradle. Wars and conflicts are a beautiful side of human existence that demonizes humanity. First, wars quicken the feet of the weak and slumbering and make them ready warriors that can conquer, dominate and enforce a cleaner society. Do you wonder why it runs in the vein of the members of the Sith Order who believe that conquerors may be conquered, but war is certainly an indispensable side of living? This conquest could entail physical power with which you dwarf the strength of your opponent or enemy.

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